It’s Time for Some Promotional Gift
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It's Time for Some Promotional Gift

It's January, which means one of the best time for your company to give away some promotional gifts. Why promotional gifts of all things, and not to mention January specifically?

We all know that promotional gifts, or advertising gifts, are a part of a promotion for a company to create brand awareness. Hot Collection of Sunglasses However, do you know that promotional gift isn't only effective for the customer and potential customer, but also for the company's employees and future business partner? Now, behold the effectiveness of promotional products and gifts in promoting a company!

A study by APPA (Australian Promotional Products Association) finds that 52% of people are more likely to trust a company from which they've had received promotional gifts, 76% recall the name advertised in the souvenirs, 81% of the entire respondent keep two or more promotional products in the kitchen (a place in which people spend 3-5 hours in their home), and then almost 50% of them use the gifts in daily basis. As a result, according to every single advertiser participating in the research, adding a promotional product can return a favorable response to their campaign. Thus, promotional products have proven themselves to be an effective tool to attract the attention of the potential customer.

Then how does advertising gifts affect the company's internal affair? Promotional products, given to the employees, show a degree of appreciation toward them. It will boost their working motivation and a motivated employee will surely benefit the company more. However, it can't be a one-time thing. Employer should take time and time again to make sure that their employees feel belonged in order to prevent retention-it doesn't hurt to save some money from new employee's recruitment and training cost-and one way to ensure employee's loyalty is by giving them promotional products, a uniform for example, for a sense of belonging. An employee who feels appreciated will be more hesitant to make a decision about leaving the company.

Having advertising gifts and souvenirs will greatly expand your contact. Internet and radio advertising companies will take notice and offer to advertise your brand and your product. The plus point of having radio or internet advertisement is the cheaper cost. While that will save a lot more money, the downside, though, people look more favorably and positively to companies that use advertising gifts and promotional products compared to internet ads.

Now that you are aware of the profit of giving away promotional products, it's time to decide what kind of products you want to share with your customer. The first thing to note, who are your customers? Knowing the target of your market will determine, or at least narrow down, the gift ideas. ASI's research reveals that people around the age of 18-44 prefer to receive clothes, those of age 45-54 prefer USB drives, 55-64 prefer drinkware, and 65 and above prefer USB drives. Based on their living area, city people prefer stationaries, USB drives, and outerwear; suburban prefer USB drives, clothes, and drinkware; while for countryside folks, they prefer sport and weatherproof clothes, drinkware, and battery pad. Then, based on the gender, women prefer USB drives, outerwear, and shopping bag; meanwhile, men prefer USB drives, drinkware, and outerwear. Thus far we can conclude that people prefer to receive practical items. Additionally, from ASI, 42% of their respondents will like them to be eco-friendly.

Once you decide the product, then you can start your budget planning. What does this entail? It entails when and where to get the products.

Pertaining to the question in the first paragraph, "why January?", the best time to order promotional items is actually at the beginning of the year and the end of the summer. The first reason is that there are new interesting products at the end of January or early February, and by ordering them in January, you get the opportunity to have yours earlier than your competitors. The second, at the beginning of the year and the end of summer, many special offers will be made since the advertising agencies want to get rid of their old goods and make room for the new ones. Unfortunately, the fact that the leftovers are underrated means the quality isn't really up to standard. For the third reason, in January-February, most of the Asian and European producers will focus more on summer goods production, in which you can expect some special offers and favorable prices for pre-orders. Other time to get some pre-orders discount will be during early Christmas production in August-September. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a deal!

Oh! We haven't talked about where to get trustworthy manufacturers to produce a quality advertising gifts. Well, to choose the best manufacturers, the first thing to do is to look out for their homepage. You should check whether they update their content, including their product range and e-catalogs, periodically or not. Next thing to check is their credibility. Try typing some well-known keywords like 'promotional gift' or 'souvenirs' in Google Search and see for yourself whether or not they appear on the searches. Once you are sure that the company is not a scam or false agencies, track the reviews about them, either from Google, social media, or the company's personal homepage. This way you won't be cheated and know exactly the quality of their work beforehand-and it is also encouraged for you once the deal is made to check on their work from time to time, just make a visitation so that you can supervise the quality of the souvenir products. All in all, it is most recommended to hire a manufacturer that is a member of advertising organization like PSI Europe, ASI, and APPA. The members of such organizations are recognized to have better services, product range, and quality.

However, please bear in mind that a product is not an advertising gift unless it is linked to the promotion. Hot Collection of Sunglasses Other requirements for a successful campaign are strategic 'logistical' and 'emotional' rollout, action engagement trigger, data collection analysis, technical logo application knowledge, and balancing 'passive' and 'active' promotion. So make sure to plan your campaign thoroughly and carefully. For more tips and trick on advertising, check out Logotrade Advertising Blog.